My wife and I recently took a trip up to Boston for a very long weekend. Since this was her first trip to the city, my wife did some planning and busted out the good old Google machine in search of some really cool things to do.

Besides visiting Paul Revere's house and the Sam Adams Brewery, she wanted to check out some of the historic watering holes. In one of her searches she found Ye Olde Tavern Tours. She figured that a couple hour, small group tour that hit a few of the historic bars would be a fun way to spend the afternoon. Who wouldn't. Well she was more than right.

Here is what she thought of the experience.....

Ye Olde Tavern Tours directed by Brooke satisfied both my love of history and beer.  Brooke’s  Doctorate in American History and her experience as a  college professor helped her to craft her story telling abilities.  I was able to visualize the events that she so carefully described.  She left us with a real appreciation for both the city of Boston and the people during the pre-revolutionary era.  

We traveled the “Freedom Trail” stopping periodically for points of interest which included three historically significant taverns.  We learned all about the taverns while drinking from a choice of carefully selected beers.
While in the taverns or out on the trail, we looked at maps of the area, pictures of buildings, and portraits that Brooke had on her tablet that tied into the stories she was sharing with us.  I have never been on another tour where I felt so welcomed, learned so much, and left wanting come back for more.

The tour is well worth checking out next time that you are in Boston!

Learn more about Ye Olde Tavern Tours on their website or on FaceBook.

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