It’s not every day that you walk down the street and see a sign that says “Scooter Rentals & Full Bar.” Of course I stopped to take a picture.  Who wouldn’t?

Well, I was in the islands so things are a bit different there. I was in Christiansted, St Croix and as it turned out, the owner was closing up the door for the day while I was taking the picture. So, like any curious person would do, I said “Seriously? This would never fly in the States.”  We got to talking and before you know it, Philip was inviting us in for a drink.

What a character. He’s originally from Louisiana but he is a Crucian through and through. While Phillip mixed us up some Cinnamon Toast Crunch shots, he explained how the bar came to be.

Recipe: Cinnamon Toast Crunch – 50/50 Fireball Whiskey & Cruzan Velvet Cinn Rum Cream


Originally they were just a scooter rental & sales business but then one day Phillip heard that foodservice was no longer a requirement for a bars and he went down to the licensing department. They told him that for the annual fee of $550, he too could open a bar. Before they could change their mind, he plopped down his cash and was in the bar business.

Now, his bar not only shares the space with the scooters and bicycles but also with a small stage where he brings in live musical groups.

Something tells me that we’ll be back for another drink with Phillip before we leave the island. If you find yourself in St. Croix (no passports needed), stop by and check them out. They are located on Queens Cross, right by Fort Christian Brew Pub.

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