Ever wish you could get a private tour of the breweries in the area?  Bayshore Limo offers Tampa Brew Tours as a signature package providing a luxurious, customizable, and safe way to enjoy the great breweries that surround Tampa.  

I heard about the tours and thought they sounded like a classy was hit the local brewery trail. Rohit Khanna, the COO of Bayshore Limo, told me that they've been doing the tours since August 2013 and have generated some great interest from locals and tourists.  

Generally, the tours are 3-4 hours depending on the client's preference.  They've done longer tours as well (the record is 5 breweries in a 6 hour timeframe).  Their typical Tampa Brew Tour is 3 breweries. They have both a stout and light packages available and each provides clients a great experience at differing price points.

The Stout tour includes home pickup and drop off, a round of beer for everyone in the party at each brewery you visit (either a full pint or flight, they aren't picky), a commemorative pint glass, all in a four hour timespan.  The light package is 3 hours of service starting at the first brewery, one round of beer, and a beer koozie to take home.

You can always add home pickup/drop off for an extra $95 and an additional hour of service.

The limo is booked by each party and they do not combine parties which means you and your buddies get to tool around town in your own beautiful Chrysler 300 stretch limousine.


Their goal is to introduce breweries that people have not explored and they have itineraries for them in case they need assistance on deciding which ones to visit.  They always recommend that clients select their choice.  As far as tours of the breweries are concerned, they recommend (and I agree) doing at least one tour and they’ll set that part up on the clients' behalf.  Most folks enjoy the beers and opt out of the tours.

The limo is stocked full of complimentary bottled water and ice and clients are always allowed to bring additional beverages and food.

If you have any additional questions or would like to take a Tampa Brew Tour with them, take a peek at their website www.tampabrewtours.com.

And if you do take a tour, we’d love to hear what the experience was like.