You might remember Jason, aka @ZauderWithaZee, from his guest post about the mack House awhile ago. He recently paid a visit to Laser Wolf and had this to say....

If you love craft beer but happen to be a jerk, than I’m sorry, madam and/or sir, but The Laser Wolf in Fort Lauderdale is not the place for you. The bar prides itself on their “No Jerks, Yes Beer” motto, and I can’t say I’ve ever met a jerk there but I have said ‘yes’ to the many fine beers they serve.

Laser Wolfs has 12 taps and often has hard-to-find beers like Big Lushious and Backwoods Bastard from Founders Brewing Company, Terrapin Beer Company’s Wake-n-Bake Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout, and Rugbrod from The Bruery. Florida breweries are well-represented, as I’ve noticed Father Francisco, a Belgian golden ale from Wynwood Brewing Company and Due South Brewing’s Cafe Ole Espresso Porter on tap.

They even had one night dedicated to several different treatments of Cigar City Brewing’s flagship Jai Alai IPA. On my last visit, they were raffling off tickets and a trip to the 2015 Jupiter Craft Brewers Festival. Add in an impressive list of 70 to 80 craft bottles and cans (no macro beers to be found here), and it’s no surprise that Draft Magazine named Laser Wolf to their list of the 100 Best Beer Bars for 2014.

Laser Wolf is located just south of Sunrise Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale but can be tricky to find. It’s best not to imbibe before heading there, as one needs to tread carefully along Sunrise Blvd, look for SE 4th Avenue which then turns into Progresso Drive. The bar is in a two-story building with patrons often milling outside. Laser Wolf's front door looks out on the railroad tracks, and the occasional passing train provides a nice backdrop to the clamor inside.

The bar is owned by brothers Chris and Jordan Bellus, two Florida natives. They even started a music label, Laser Wolf Records, with local hip-hop group Death Jam Posse being their first artist signed. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting either of the owners, but I must admire their unique sense of interior design. Words cannot capture the awesome weirdness of the paintings on the bar’s wall featuring renderings of the “Evil Dead” movie and Bill Murray. There is a small tv above the bar where odd action and karate movies are often shown.  

Is Laser Wolf perfect? Goodness, no. Parking is questionable. Some people park alongside the railroad tracks or just wherever they can find a spot on the street. I guess I could ask where I should park. Call me shy. Also, they still have their tap list from April posted on their website. However, they are diligent about posting their tap list regularly on Twitter at @thelaserwolf.

Overall, I love Laser Wolf. Any place with a beer list like that warms my heart and I’ve always found the place to be completely friendly and unpretentious, in their own punk rock kind of way. They are always worth a visit. Laser Wolf is located at 902 Progresso Drive, #101 and online at