Naked Turtle Rum labelNot too long ago I was driving up I-95 and noticed a vehicle in the next lane with a colorful wrap and the words “Drink Naked.”  Well that got my attention! The vehicle was advertising Naked Turtle Rum, a brand that I wasn’t familiar with.

I set out to learn more about Naked Turtle and also get my hands on some. Turns out it’s a smaller brand, out of St. Croix and only available in about ten states but fortunately for me, Florida is one of them.

I noticed the Sea Turtle Conservancy logo on the back of the bottle so I did a little more research on their website and found out more about their commitment….

“They say sea turtles are one of the best ways to gauge the health of the world’s ecosystems. And that sounds like something worth worrying about”.

“So that’s why we support the Sea Turtle Conservancy. Plus, the Sea Turtle Conservancy has been around for a long time. So long, they’re the world’s oldest sea turtle research and conservation group and their work has helped recover sea turtle populations and preserve their natural habitats.”

“And we think that’s pretty cool.” I’ll drink to that!

The label sports a shell-less turtle lounging in a hammock strung between a pair of palm trees while the back of the D-shaped bottle (shaped sort of like the missing turtle shell) says that “at the Naked Turtle Rum Company we believe that rum, like life, is best enjoyed naked.” Who am I to argue that Obi-Wan Kenobi-level wisdom?

What sets Naked Turtle apart from other rums is that it never touches an oak barrel. They use high-quality sugarcane molasses and the pure water from the USVI to brew the wort. Once the rum is distilled five times, it goes on to be bottled “naked.”

We made up some Naked ColadasWe first tried it neat and immediately picked up the buttery-vanilla scent of the liquor. Vanilla-sweetness with a pinch of pepper filled my mouth and buttery-vanilla that we initially got on the nose showed up in the finish. Lots of sweetness from the sugarcane. Pretty smooth. Good but as I expected, not enough to replace my barrel aged rums.

Next up were some mixed drinks.

I started off by going simple, Pina Coladas using a jug of premade mix from the supermarket. Mixed up a batch, following the directions exactly as listed on the jug and the rum blended perfectly.

Feeling my inner-mixologist come alive, I took a shot at Naked Coladas, using a recipe that I found on a Naked Turtle promo piece. Rum, coconut water, pineapple juice, agave nectar and lime juice. Poured it all into the shaker and used the proper shaking technique I learned from watching Lisamarie Joyce on Bar Rescue. My wife’s comment was that “this tastes just like what you’d expect if you ordered one in a bar.” Translatiom: Pretty damn good.

I tried it in a rum & Coke too, for scientific reasons of course. The rum and the soda paired just as you would have expected.

Hmmm. I wonder how it’ll work with lemonade. Just might grab some this weekend!

My local liquor superstore prices it pretty competitively with the other white rums so when it comes to a rum to use for mixed drinks, I think I just found what is going to be our everyday brand. Check it out yourself!

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