Beat The Brewmaster is a new mobile game that testes both your sensory skills and beer related trivia knowledge. Think of it as a hopped up version of Trivial Pursuit. (see what I did there)

We installed the app on our phone and gave it a try. After creating an account (we used the option to link it a FaceBook account some simplicity), you’re ready to start playing.

We started with beer trivia and the questions ranged from questions about proper glassware, hops, home brewing and everything in between. We ran thru about a half dozen sets of three questions and scored in the 60% range. Each correct answer gives you points towards your position on the leaderboard.

The other part of the game is the fun part since it involves tasting. The game makers claim that there are already over 48,000 beers loaded into the database and more being added regularly. You start by selecting the beer that you are currently enjoying and if the brewery is participating, you can test your senses.

beatbrewmaster screenshotbtb challengebtb breweries

The sensory challenge is based three levels of expertise: Enthusiast, Pro, Master. We test as an Enthusiast and got questions on seven sensory aspects – visual /color, aroma / intensity, aroma / maltiness, taste / sweet, taste / bitterness, mouthfeel / CO2, aftertaste / finish. You rate each of the categories and score points if you gave the same answers as the brewmaster who made the beer. The screen for each step has explanations and facts at the bottom to assist you. Two out of three of the South Florida breweries that we searched for were participating so the odds seem fairly good that you’ll find a lot of what you drink on there.

Currently they are running a contest (thru 12/1/16) where you are entered just by installing the app and signing up. You can “Win Beer For A Year.” The winner will receive a check for $1,825. They figure that the average cost of a pint is $5 so they’ll give the winner a check for 365 beers. Works for me – hopefully they’ll spell my name right when I win.

They say that the points you earn in the sensory portion of the game can later be “redeemed for real, tangible (and cool) rewards” however their website lists this feature as “coming soon.” With or without the rewards, the app is a fun addition to the beer tasting experience.

The app is available for both iPhone and Android so why not order a flight in a tasting room give it a try?

You can learn more on their website.

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