Fall means that we’ve got football to go with our beers! Along with football comes wings and brats so I figured I it’d be a great time to check out some hot sauces too.

We recently received a hot sauce subscription box from Heatseekrs. Their mission is to “introduce people to new & delicious hot sauces via subscription box.”

It’s actually a pretty cool spin on subscription boxes. My wife gets makeup and my brother gets beer so why not hot sauces? With so many different hot sauces on the market, they weed out the duds and come up with some quality sauces that you’re not going to typically find in your local grocer.

Their subscription box will come with 2 different bottles per shipment.   Our box contained their September sauces, Mild Trinidad Habanero Pepper Sauce and Tahiti Joe's Smokin' Kona Chipotle Heat Hot Sauce safely packed in a partitioned box via the USPS.

heatseekrs3   heatseekrs2

The box was neatly packaged to avoid breakage and instead of using a plain brown box, their box is decorated with graphics that helps build the anticipation.

There was some dichotomy between the hotness of the two sauces which worked out well. Both were delicious but the Trinidad Habanero had some heat to it but it had a milder flavor that allowed it to be used on pretty much anything while the Smokin’ Kona brought the heat.

Check out Heatseekrs yourself and visit them online at www.heatseekrs.com or give them a shoutout on Twitter at @heatseekrs.

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