How many times have you popped the top on an expensive large format bottle of beer, only to have it warm-up before it's empty?  Living in South Florida, with the exception of those three days a year where we actually need to wear a jacket (not a coat), it's a regular problem. When it comes to your regular 12oz bottles and cans, koozies save the day. But for your expensive bombers?  You've had to keep a bucket of ice handy or keep the bottle in the fridge. #PITA.

Not anymore. Fortunately for us, a craft enthusiast in St Louis, Missouri came up with a solution. Alexander Nicolazzi was sharing a bottle with his brother and came up with the idea of making an insulating jacket for the larger bottles with neoprene - the same stuff they make wet suits out of. They look pretty cool too. They have a variety of designs on their website and fit standard sized 22 ounce bottles.

I got my hands on one of these gems and put it through the paces outside on a warm afternoon with a couple of 22's from Funky Buddha & Cigar City (for research purposes, of course). My Bomber Jacket fit the bottles like a glove and once zipped up, covered the bottle like a layer of skin.

I didn't break out a thermometer and go all scientific on my test but I will say that with each of the bottles, there wasn't much of a drop off in the starting temperature of the beer between glass numbers one and two. It was obvious that it warmed up in my glass after it was poured since I was slowly drinking it (I wanted to enjoy my Maple Bacon Coffee Porter) but the second glass poured out cold again. Same results with the second bottle and that one took a bit longer to drink.

The one trick that I figured out was to put the Bomber Jacket on before opening the bottle as they fit a little snug and you don't want to spill any beer that's worthy of being packaged in a bomber.

It looks like they are available in a few retailers around the country but you can grab your own right on their website.

Check them out, you won't regret it!

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