I'm far from being a hardcore beer trader but every now and again I get the urge to barter some of florida's finest for something that I can't pick up locally.After trying message boards and Twitter, I was excited when I found the Beer Exchange site.

TheBeerExchange.io is an online craft beer marketplace where you can get any beer you want. You can trade for rare or hard to find beers with other beer enthusiasts, purchase beer from across the country from their partner stores and have it shipped to your door,  and even manage your own personal beer cellar.

What's badass about The Beer Exchange is that it lets you enter in what you have for trade and what you're looking for and then it will find matches for you. Think of it as match.com for beer traders.  You can also look for soemone who has something that interests you and propose a trade even if you don't have something on their ISO list.

I reached out to Mark, one of the founders, for some info on their platform and he sent me some interesting (but not suprising) stats.....

Top 3 Florida Beers

Based off most users looking for the beers.  AKA “most sought after.”

1. Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout - Cigar City Brewing
2. Double Barrel Hunahpu's - Cigar City Brewing
3. Maple Bacon Coffee Porter - Funky Buddha Brewery

Based off ratio of users seeking it out to those who have it. AKA “hardest to get.”

1. Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout - Bourbon Barrel Aged (2011) - Cigar City Brewing
2. Snowed In - Funky Buddha Brewery
3. Double Barrel Hunahpu's - Cigar City Brewing

Top 3 Florida Breweries

Based off users looking for their beers. Aka “most sought after.”

1. Cigar City Brewing
2. Funky Buddha Brewery
3. Cycle Brewing Company

Check them out for yourself! TheBeerExchange.io

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