candied baconWe stumbled upon Cicero Beverage Co.'s Candied Bacon Cream Soda while beer shopping in Tallahassee. The store had cold singles so we felt obligated to give it a try. It's packaged in a 12oz brown longneck beer bottle and sports the Chicago skyline on the label.

Poured a golden brown into the hotel room paper cups and had a faint smokey scent. Front end of the sip is sugary sweet like a typical cream soda but then a smoked bacon flavor creeps in for the finish. Pretty much as the name implies.

It's a little gimicky but not bad either. However, I think that 12 ounces is probably about my max in one sitting. Definetely don't think I could handle a Big Gulp though.

Keep an eye out for it and decide for yourself!

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