If you've ever been on a brewery or distillery tour, you most likely heard comments about there being some "happy cows" in the surrounding area as a lot of breweries give their spent grains to farmers instead of sending them off to landfills. I recently was given some Regrained bars to try.  They are granola bars made with spent grains from their brewery "partners".

They have two varieties of bars, their Chocolate Coffee Stout Bar and their Honey Almond IPA bar.

These are not your average grocery store granola/cereal bar. They are soft and moist, with lots of great flavor.

First up was the Chocolate Coffee Stout bar. After the initial chocolate flavor and some nuttiness from the almonds, the coffee flavor starts to sneak in. Being a dark beer fan, these could easily replace the bars that I carry with me for a mid-morning pick-me-up.

regrained honey ipaNext up was the Honey Almond IPA bar. Sweetness mixes with the grain taste / texture as well as the almond flavors. A little cinnamon pops up in the background too.

These bars are definitely worth trying!

Check out their website for more info or order some on Amazon for yourself!

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