Over the years I’ve used a zillion bottle openers. Big ones, small ones, ones built into phone cases or shoes, character ones that talk. Rarely do I come across one that is both functional and looks absolutely cool as the .50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener I got from Bullets2Bandages. And helps a good cause.


According to their website, the guys behind Bullets2Bandages are a couple of former Naval Explosive Ordnance Disposal officers who once defused and disposed of IEDs and other explosive devices that have become all-too-common in Iraq and Afghanistan.  When they left the military in 2010, they felt they had a "responsibility to create a way for people to say “Thank You” to their fellow soldiers and the veterans that have fought for our freedom and safety.  As founders of Bullets2Bandages, they created a way to take an instrument of war and transform them into a symbol of pride, gratitude, and healing.”  As part of their giving back and saying thanks, they donate a portion of their profits to a handful of veteran charities.

bullet-notchTheir bullet bottle openers are 100% made in the USA from “once-fired, military grade .50 caliber and 7.62mm brass casings and demilitarized projectiles.” The brass that they use is purchased in bulk from government auctions after it is collected from military training ranges .

The .50 cal bottle opener that I have has a beautiful red powder coated finish. I expected that it would be painted but the powerder caot actually feels smoother and sturdier than my cell phone's finsih. There is a lipped notch cut into the side of it, near the base, so that you can get a good grip and pop the top off a bottle. That being said, it’s not exactly something that you’re just going to carry around in your pocket all day. It’s got some heft to it. Some of that might have to do with the new projectile that they press into the spent casing but also just the sheer size of it. It’s almost 5½ inches long and actually feels heavier than the empty beer bottle I just used it to open. (BTW – On their website, they warn about trying to take them in your pocket or in a carryon through TSA).

While it is almost something that you want to put on display, we’ve effortlessly opened several bottles with it and everyone who’s seen it has thought it was badass.  When was the last time you could say that about a bottle opener?

Check out their website www.bullets2bandages.org

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