I picked up a can of Buck O’Hairen’s Legendary Sunshine and was immediately intrigued.

buck-ohairenThe can looks like a modern version of the “medicines” and “tonics” that you see in all of the old cowboy movies.  It says that this product was “Inspired by the Appalachian Legend of the 19th Century Moonshiner Buck O’Hairen.”

I busted out  the good old Google machine and came across  www.whoisbuckohairen.com which explained who this guy was.

Apparently back in 1875, Buck O’Hairen was a legendary NC moonshiner who had a still explode and decided it was time for a career change. Buck came up with a temperance drink that he originally called “The Morning Fix & Fizz” but later renamed “Sunshine.” He sold the beverage as something that was that antidote for moonshine, the perfect hangover cure.

This modern-day version of Sunshine contains things that Buck probably didn’t have on his radar back then – electrolytes (just think, had he figured them out back then, we’d have Buckade instead of Gatorade), vitamins C  & B-12 plus magnesium, real ginger root extract and it’s sweetened with natural stevia and pure cane sugar – not high fructose corn syrup. It’s gluten-free and has no artificial flavors or coloring.  It’s not a caffeine-bomb either. Only 50mg.

I watch a lot of the shows on TV like Anthony Bourdain, Andrew Zimmer and the Booze Traveler who visit all these people making drinks from back in the day that help “put the lead back into the pencil.” While this company doesn’t make that claim, they do say that “Sunshine simply hydrates the body and awakens the senses. It has just enough kick-in-the-pants to get your out-of-sorts back in sorts. When you’re hungover, it’s a cheeseburger. When you’re thirsty, it’s a fire hose. When you’re tired, it’s a power nap. When you’re feeling cloudy, it’s, well, Sunshine.”

OK, you’re thinking enough with that crap, what’s it taste like and does it work like they say?

I’ve tried it twice. First time was an afternoon where I was dragging ass and the second was early in the morning while suffering from Monday-itis . It worked both times and I didn’t have that crash that you get from some of the other drinks.I know that you were hoping that I got hammered (#DrinkResponsibly) so that I could test the hangover cure thing but the cobwebs did get swept away too with the morning can.

Best part of this is that it actually tastes good! You’ll actually want to drink another. It has a crisp, mild berry taste to it that also has a little bit of a zing from the ginger root. It has the right amount of carbonation too – enough to add a tingle but not excessive by any means.

I haven’t seen it for sale in Florida yet even though we are the Sunshine State but I did see it on Amazon.

If you come across it, it is well worth a try.

BTW – I saw on their website, www.drinkthesunshine.com, that when you’re mixing cocktails, “ It’s the southern mixer for your likker.”  Unfortunately I saw it too late and wasn’t able to try it. #NextTime


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