Brewed Life's Big Top Brewing ShirtBrewery collaborations are common in the craft beer world and not to be left out, the folks over at Brewed Life recently did a collaboration shirt with Big Top Brewing. I recently wore the shirt to a beer event and received several compliments on it.

Since Big Top Brewing is located in Sarasota and has embraced being in a circus town (the Ringling Brothers played a big role in the development of Sarasota and the winter home of the circus is also nearby) with their brewery name, logo and beer names, it was natural for the shirt to have a similar theme. Brewed Life didn’t hold anything back with the design. It’s big, it’s bold & it’s fun!

Instead of going with the typical clean cut, wholesome movie star looking ringmaster, the shirt depicts a sexy dark haired beauty (with plenty of cleavage popping out of her red suit coat) holding a whip. Tying together the circus theme and the brewery, she’s flanked by a lion (hence the whip - geez, not what you were thiking) and a stack of beer barrels in front of a circus tent. Completing the tie-in, there’s an elephant with a bottle of beer in his trunk in the background too.


The shirts are 100% 5.5oz soft spun cotton. We tested our shirt by running it through the wash a couple of times without any shrinkage or loss of coloration in the design.

We’re looking forward to see what they come up with next!

Check them out online at

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