Coppertail BrewingCoppertail Brewing Company is introducing a program at select bars across the state that features the traditional “Slow Pour”method for a perfect Pilsner. German Pilsners are typically the hoppiest of the german style beers. The Slow Pour method releases some carbonation, softening the bite and gives the beer a silky texture. This also helps create a thick head of foam to lock in the unique aromatics of the German TNT and Fantasia Hops found in Independent Pilsner. When combined with proper glassware, this pour ensures the ideal environment for a German Pilsner’s bright hops, crisp lager finish, and smooth carbonation.

It’s a 3 step process that starts with a pour straight down the center of the glass, not your typical tilted pour. The beer will foam up to ideally one-third beer, two-thirds foam. Allow the foam to settle a bit and pour right down the center again allowing the foam to crest the lip of the glass. Finally, top the beer off to create a rocky, white, long lasting head. Truly the perfect pour for a traditional German Style Pilsner.

The pour itself takes a little longer than a normal draft beer but the difference makes it worth the wait.

Try a Slow Poured Independent Pilsner at select locations throughout Florida and at Coppertail Brewing Company’s tasting room.

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