Sweet Baby Jesus!!!

DuClaw Brewing Company of Baltimore has announced that they have partnered with Cavalier Distributing and that their unique lineup of brews will start hitting the bars and retailers towards the end of October. Launch events are planned for the first week of November in Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Ybor City and Cape Coral.

DuClaw Brewing Co.’s distribution network has been growing steadily since the 2011 release of “Sweet Baby Jesus.” The popular Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter took home honors at the Great American Beer Festival and has been leading the way for DuClaw into new markets ever since. DuClaw will be offering their core lineup of brews to the Sunshine State, including “Sweet Baby Jesus”, “Funk” blueberry citrus wheat ale, “Blood Orange Neon Gypsy” West Coast--‐style IPA, and “Dirty Little Freak” coconut caramel chocolate brown ale. DuClaw will also offer many seasonal and limited release beers to the market throughout the year.

“I’ve visited Florida regularly for years, and now I’m finally going to be able to pickup a six pack of our beer in the local store,” said DuClaw Founder Dave Benfield. “I’ve seen first hand how strong the Florida craft beer community is, and they’ve been very vocal in letting us know that they want our beer, especially since our 2014 collaboration with Cigar City. It’s rewarding to finally be able to share our brews with the craft beer lovers of Florida.”

For more information on DuClaw Brewing Company, visit duclaw.com

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