We recently attended an event at the Sidebar on Calle Ocho for the Afrohead Premium Aged Dark Rum Launch party. The event had good live music, lively attendance and a showcased Afrohead Rum , a surprisingly nice dark seven year rum produced by a Bahamian company called Harbour Island Rum.

We tasted the rum without ice and found it be a nice smooth pour. It was also poured generously in a mojito like recipe with all the trimmings, brown sugar, coconut, lemon and of course the Afrohead Rum and ended up being a nice drink, called the FROco.

The AfroHead name apparently is a tribute to the Bahamian Beauty Queen’s strength and spirituality. They also featured but didn’t pour the 15 year dark bottled more exclusive and elusive dark rum, my understanding of the price points from the staff was $35 a bottle for the seven year and $60 for the 15 year
Love the combo, the Rum and Sidebar, nice time!

Check them out on Twiter - @afroheadrums

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