Every now and again you see somehting that makes you just say "WOW.

Recognizing that there aren't many alternatives for people with beer taps in their homes other than the boring black plastic handles or perhaps a branded handle that somehow was spirited away from a bar, a craft beer enthusiast in Tampa has created a line of hand-crafted tap handles that will add class to any home bar (or commercial one too).

bin52 by cindymadewhat makes the handles using real hops & grain.  Just send her your homebrew grain bill, hops, and any additives in your recipes or your favorite commercial beers and she'll encase it in custom tap handles made just for you or a friend.


In addition to the tap handles, bin52 by cindymadewhat has a full line of jewelry too. The jewelry line started out as a way to provide women with a classier alternative to beer jewelry, but grew, over the course of a year, to include a line for men as well. The bin52 line now includes a variety of jewelry and accessories for men and women that are homebrewers, commercial brewers, or simply craft beer lovers. The items make perfect gifts for friends, loved ones, or for yourself!

Check out her online shop....


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