Anderson Valley Brewing Company announced today it will release its first bourbon barrel-aged pumpkin ale as part of the acclaimed Wild Turkey® Barl Series.

Limited shipments of Pinchy Jeek Barl 22oz bottles and draft have begun making their way to the brewery’s footprint of domestic wholesalers.

“Our pumpkin ale recipe lends itself incredibly well to barrel-aging,” says Brewmaster Fal Allen. “The silky body and sweet caramel flavors provide balance for the 8.5% ABV, while additions of cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice compliment the hints of coconut, bourbon, and vanilla imparted by oak aging. It’s a full bodied beer with a smooth, creamy finish that would make for an excellent pairing with pumpkin pie or as the base for an ice cream beer float.”

“As we enter the second year of this exclusive barrel-aged partnership, I’m continually impressed by the complexity and depth of flavor that Fal, Andy, and the Anderson Valley brewing team have been able to create using our bourbon barrels,” says Wild Turkey Master Distiller Jimmy Russell. “We both share a rich history, a passion for our craft, and an unparalleled commitment to quality—it’s part of an ongoing story that I feel resonates with both craft beer and bourbon aficionados alike.”

Aged for several months in Wild Turkey® 101 barrels, this limited production of Pinchy Jeek Barl will be available in the trade through October, making it the perfect complementary offering to
the brewery’s barrel-aged series which includes the highly popular Anderson Valley Wild Turkey Bourbon Barrel Stout, Boont Barl, and Huge Arker Imperial Stout.

For more information on Anderson Valley Brewing Company, visit them at;  and follow @avbc on Twitter.

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