WakeFest 2018 will take place at Mana Wynwood on Saturday, February 17th from noon to 6:00 p.m. The third-year event will also have a new name, WakeFest Invitational.

Limited number of VIP bottle package tickets go on sale in the taproom on Monday, November 27th

For the first time in the event’s history, only independently-owned craft breweries will be invited to pour. It’s a decision that JWB founder/owner Johnathan Wakefield gave careful consideration to.

Wakefield explained, “We’re at the point where we need to make it a priority to support the community of independent craft breweries from around the country and the world. Massive corporate brewers are trying to pass themselves off as independent brewers and using their deep pockets to put the economic squeeze on the independents. This is a way for us to draw a clear distinction between independents like ourselves and corporately-owned craft breweries. We know firsthand what it’s like to turn a dream into reality and open a brewery. JWB didn’t start as a marketing concept. We think that there is a real difference between the two types of breweries. There is a level of passion, purpose and community that independents have, and corporately-owned breweries just can’t fake. The hundreds of people who line up outside our brewery for bottle releases truly care about who’s brewing their beer.”

Over 100 independently-owned breweries from around the country and the world will be pouring at WakeFest Invitational. Most are already signed up for the event, which has quickly grown to become, to many, South Florida’s premiere craft beer event. Many of the area’s most-popular food trucks will be there as well.

50 of the popular VIP bottle package tickets will be made available in the taproom on Monday, November 27th at noon. Tickets will be limited to two per person. 

A total of 300 of these tickets will be available this year for $350 per ticket plus service fees. VIP bottle package tickets include early entrance at 11AM, special VIP tasting glass, free access to VIP food vendors, unlimited beers, special VIP area with specialty beers, four 750ml special release bottles and first dibs to purchase additional specialty bottles. 

The remaining 250 VIP bottle package tickets will go on sale online on Tuesday, November 28th. General Admission tickets will go on sale online on Wednesday, November 29th for $60. Tickets will be available on www.jwakefieldbrewing.com


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