Copper Horn Single Malt IPA is an inspired collaboration beer from the St Petersburg, FL based cocktail bar, The Mandarin Hide, with Rock Brothers Brewing, Green Bench Brewing, and Pale Horse Design created to be paired with the India Pale Ale Cask finished Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch.

St. Petersburg’s first cocktail bar proprietors Tony Casoria and Ryan Griffin, were inspired by their first taste of Glenfiddich’s latest spirit and put together local powerhouses to create a craft beer to pair with the Glenfiddich Scotch.  Playing off of the classic low-brow boiler maker combo, this classy drink combo will play to those who favor a more unique, high-brow pairing. Casoria and Griffin easily reached out to their friends and neighbors of Green Bench Brewing as well as Casoria’s own brewery in Ybor city, Rock Brothers Brewing, to design the IPA’s recipe.

The brainstorming between Kristopher Johnson (Green Bench Brewing) and Eric Wannemacher (Rock Brothers Brewing) led to a dual purposed beer recipe; one part complimenting Glenfiddich’s Single Malt Scotch finished in India Pale Ale Casks and second part, an easy drinking IPA that can stand on its own. The result, a single malt IPA brewed with orange blossom honey and blood orange to match the flavor profiles of the scotch. “Light early additions and aggressive dry hopping [of] Azacca and Mosaic [to] provide a citrus flavor and tropical aroma…”, said Wannemacher all the while “only 5.7% ABV and 40 IBU…to encourage pairing between the [two], while still being interesting and intense on the aroma aspect to be enjoyed by itself.”  said Johnson.

Branding was executed by Casoria’s long-time friend and creative collaborator Chris Parks of Pale Horse Design. Over many years of successful projects, “Chris has a way of dialing into a vision and hitting home runs with his art.  I can’t praise his work on this project enough. The branding is just on point and reflects Mandarin Hide and all the collaborators perfectly, including Glenfiddich”, said Casoria.

Both Copper Horn and India Pale Ale Cask finished Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch will be available at hand selected accounts throughout Tampa Bay and St Petersburg starting Friday September 29th. Launch parties will be in Ybor City at The Attic, Rock Brothers Brewing’s second floor music venue on October 4th and in downtown St Petersburg starting with The Mandarin Hide on October 12th and Green Bench Brewing on October 22nd.  Each event will be free, include a concert from Boxcar Hollow, free pairings of both Glenfiddich and Copper Horn as well as giveaways.

Look for the Copper Horn tap handles throughout Tampa Bay:  Mandarin Hide, The Tasting Room at Rock Brothers Brewery, Green Bench Brewing, Yard of Ale – Tampa, Yard of Ale – St. Pete, The Galley, Intermezzo, Anise, Taps – Downtown Tampa.


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