The widely popular sour session beer is now available in bottles as well as cans!

avbc bo bottleavbc bo canAnderson Valley Brewing Company announced today the highly anticipated return of their Blood Orange Gose. Slated as a seasonal release from October through March, shipments of Blood Orange Gose draft as well as twelve-ounce cans will begin making their way to wholesalers across the nation in mid-September.  In addition, they will offer twelve-ounce bottles for the first time to select markets across the country, including Florida.

Using the base recipe of their 2014 breakout success The Kimmie, The Yink, and The Holy Gose, the brewery adds copious additions of blood orange puree during fermentation, imparting tangy citrus notes and a slight sweetness to complement the salinity and tartness in this refreshing session wheat beer.  Historically brewed with salted water, coriander, and hops, gose was fermented with both brewer’s yeast and lactobacillus bacteria, giving the style its signature tangy sourness.  However, unlike traditional versions made popular in Leipzig, Germany, Anderson Valley adds lactic acid to the kettle before boiling, followed by additions of sea salt and their proprietary yeast strain into the fermentation tank.

“Not long after the initial release of our Holy Gose, some of our employees began experimenting by adding a splash of orange juice to their gose during Sunday brunch and camping trips, effectively creating a beer mimosa, or ‘migose’ as we like to call it,” said Andy Hooper, Director of Brewery Operations.  “So we decided to offer them in the tasting room the morning after the 2014 Boonville Beer Fest; they sold out in a matter of hours. That’s when we knew we were on to something.”

In the months that followed, the brewing team tried dozens of different fruit additions: pineapple, grapefruit, cherry, passion fruit, even lychee. “The gose style lends itself well to flavor additions,” says Brewmaster Fal Allen. “But it was the blood orange that stood out among the others; it has a raspberry-like citrus character that just works well with the acidity and salt character of our Gose.  We’re excited to bring it back again, it’s truly one of our favorite beers around here.”

Located in the bucolic Anderson Valley region of Mendocino County, California and founded in 1987, the Anderson Valley Brewing Company is a pioneer of the American craft brewing industry. For more information on Anderson Valley Brewing Company, visit

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