duck rabbit milk stoutDuck-Rabit Milk Stout is produced year-round by the Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery in Farmville, NC. They are the self-proclaimed 'Dark Beer Specialists and who am I to argue. Their Milk Stout is their top selling beer.

They take a lot of pride in their craft. According to their website, "We sold our first beer in August of 2004. We specialize in beautiful, delicious, full flavored dark beers. When we brew, we’re happy and we dance. During fermentation, we sing softly to the yeast."

Whatever they're doing, IT WORKS!

It pours a deep, dark, almost black with a light tan head that quickly disipates to a ring around the glass. It has a nice, sweet chocolate-coffee aroma. It tastes just like it smells. It's medium body and carbonation adds to it's smooth lactose sweetness which is followed by a slight chocolate bitterness and a mild coffee finish. ABV 5.7%

Now that it's available in Florida, keep your eyes out and grab one when you can!

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