I got a bottle of Central Waters 16 Anniversary Edition, a barrel aged imperial stout, in a trade not too long ago. It's part of their Cellar Series.The arrangement that I have with my trade partner is that he gets me some local Wisconsin beers in exchange for some Florida beers.

central-waters-16The label is pretty simplistic and tells it all. A big "16" overlays what looks like an aireial view of a barrel.  

16 is an annual release by Central Waters, origianly brewed to commemorate their 16th anniversary.

You can try to read it yourself on the bottle but to make it easier on you, the back of the bottle says: "To celebrate our Sweet Sixteen, we made this Anniversary beer that builds itself on the shoulders of its predecessors. Using a bigger, bolder imperial stout, we age this beer for 21 months in oak bourbon barrels. The result - rich, decadent bourbon, vanilla and toffee; complimented by the chocolate and roast of the stout. Enjoy this beer from our Gold Medal winning Anniversary Series, because Sixteen is a milestone, but our life is just beginning."

Both Beer Advocate and Ratebeer give it an overall 100 which should tell you something...

Pours super dark. Held it up to a bright light and we had a total eclise. Nice mocha head that didn't stick around that long. Virtually no lacing.

The bourbon from the barrel is prominent in the smell, joined faintly by the oak. Just the right amount of heat in the sip. The booze is there but not in an overpowering way. Reminds me a lot of BCBS. Once the bourbon wanes, you get the chocolate & traces of vanilla. Carbonation isn't even noticed.

Grab one if you come across it!


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