Ryzi Pivo Z Hor - Czech for "Pure Beer From The Mountains"

There was a newcomer to the Florida market at the Sprung Spring Beer Fest - Holba® Classic.

Bottle-HolbaHolba® Classic is a premium Czech pilsner style lager beer that has been brewed high up in the Jeseníky mountain foothills of Moravia, in the Eastern Czech Republic, for over 140 years. They say it is truly an amazing place.... like Disneyland for beer lovers!

This beer possesses a clean full-bodied taste that belies its 4.2% ABV, and is brewed with pure unadulterated water sourced from a spring 570ft below the nature preserve where the brewery is located, indigenous Žatec (Saaz) hops and Pilsen barley-malt. That's it!  

NCL Import Services is the exclusive importer of Holba® and it is being rolled out in the Florida market through InBev/A-B distributors (Gold Coast Eagle, Peace River, etc.) where it will be available in a 0.5 L bottle and unique 8pk with plastic handle/re-closable lid. It is currently available in Total Wine, World of Beer and ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, in addition to multiple independent On and Off-Premise accounts - i.e. Living Greens Fresh Market in Fort Lauderdale.

You can find them on FaceBook at https://www.facebook.com/HolbaUSA

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