Recently Guinness came out with their Blonde American Lager and now, just in time for the holiday season, the world’s most distinctive brewer is bringing a new level of elegance and artistry to the beer category. Guinness & Co. – brewers of the iconic stout – introduces its newest innovation, Guinness® The 1759TM, a limited edition amber ale brewed to be sipped responsibly with satisfaction, savored as part of fine dining and gifted with appreciation by beer connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

Guinness® The 1759TM is an ultra-premium beer brewed with both traditional beer malt and the same peated whisky malt used in the world’s finest Scotch and Irish whiskies. Inspired by a 200 year old recipe and brewed with the same Guinness yeast that has been used for more than 125 years, this rich amber ale offers new style and flavor under the Guinness trademark. Using the mastery that comes from more than 250 years of brewing experience, the Guinness Master Brewers have created a beer unlike any other European import on the market.  

“The United States is driving a beer renaissance that hasn’t been seen globally for decades. Today, the expectations of beer connoisseurs and enthusiasts are significantly higher. In continuing our tradition of setting the benchmark for quality and distinction, our Master Brewers have demonstrated the ingenuity, craftsmanship and attention to detail that has kept Guinness at the forefront of brewing innovation for  more than two centuries,” said Doug Campbell Guinness Brand Director. “Guinness® The 1759TM has flair, from the sleek aesthetic of the bottle design to the stylish black velvet lined gift box through to its unique flavor and combination of ingredients. Those who have come to love Guinness know we always aspire to go beyond their expectations with each new product release and this exclusive beer will not disappoint.”

With only 90,000 bottles being produced, the commemorative release of Guinness® The 1759TM is a chance to be part of Guinness’ brewing history. The name is derived from the year Arthur Guinness signed the 9,000 year old lease at St. James’s Gate in Dublin so he could brew what would become one of the most respected and beloved beer brands in the world.

“This is the first limited edition beer brewed in the newly dedicated Brewhouse No. 4 at St. James’s Gate. Our commitment and dedication to quality is what Arthur Guinness himself would have expected and something we cherish just as he did,” said Michael Donnelly, Master Brewer at St. James’s Gate in Dublin. “The fine peated whisky malt used in the Guinness® The 1759TM brewing process brings a complex taste to the amber ale that gently complements the hop flavors, resulting in a liquid that is distinguished and innately Guinness.”

Guinness® The 1759TM has a rich butterscotch aroma with subtle hop notes. The mellow, caramel flavors combine with a subtle hop character and fruity sweetness from the strong ester profile. Available in a 25.4 oz. bottle (9% ABV) –  approximately 4 servings –  with a suggested retail price of $34.99, Guinness® The 1759TM is best enjoyed chilled in a 6 oz. stemless champagne flute. Guinness® The 1759TM is available in select bars, online at as well as other beer retailers.

Guinness® The 1759TM is the first offering of the new Guinness Signature Series which offers a range of limited edition luxury beers. Utilizing the artistry of Guinness Master Brewers, this series features beers made from rare and highly sought after ingredients. The Guinness Signature Series gives beer drinkers more options for different occasions, from fine dining to exquisite gifting.    

Now remember, whether enjoying the new Guinness® The 1759TM Amber Ale, or any beer, please drink responsibly.

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