Our Twitter friend Lance Davis was drinking a Two Henrys Brewing Roasted Blueberry Jalapeno Porter and offered to do a guest post about it. I've never tried it and figured most of you haven't either. He's what Lance thought of it....

First off the place is a sprawling compound a couple miles off of the highway in Plant City.  It is a winery and brewery.  It is a large double bar /retail shop with at least twice as much of a covered outside stage with a deck overlooking a small pond out back. This place is awesome!  

Now on to the beer.  Two Henrys Roasted Blueberry Jalapeno Porter.  

While black in color,this beer smells like fresh blueberry muffins!  First sip you know it is a great porter, not bitter or burned at all, full mouth feel and flavor and...taste, just like cooked blueberries.  Then you swallow and realize the roasted jalapeno. It is there at the end in smoky balance with the porter and totally complementing the berry. This beer tasted great, went down easy and was just overall amazingly drinkable.  It is also under 6% abv and is one of the best non-imperial porters I've tasted. Today it went with smoked brisket and collard greens from Smokin Aces BBQ. In my experience, the one beer you like the most will be tasting room only, but Two Henrys graciously had it available in bombers and growlers which we thankfullly took with us.  This beer was 10 out of 10 for us.  You could not do a better job making  porter, much less blueberry roasted jalapeno porter. Thank you Two Henrys Brewmaster!  

You can find lance on tiwtter at @LANCETDAVIS  and Two Henrys Brewing at @TwoHenrysBeer.

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