Recently I asked outloud if anyone was interested in doing a guest post (offer still stands btw) and Chris at FloridabeerBlog gave it a seconds thought and quickly volunteered. He offered to write about three beers from one of my most favorite places to hang out, Funky Buddha Brewing in Oakland Park. How could I say no, right?  Anyways, here's what Chris had to say...

Funky Buddha is always a good time, and their brewmasters tend to place an emphasis of new, seasonal tastes in their tap room. As a result, every time I go I am almost guaranteed to get something new. Or three something news, as I got recently.

Belgian Amber Ale - I. Love. Belgian. Ales. Funky Buddha's Belgian Amber is a great example why. The belgian-style yeast, and the resulting beer itself, has a great, biscuity maltiness that lends itself to a big, earthy body. It's got a great flavor. I'm kinda kicking myself for not getting their sister Belgian Pale Ale. Instead, I got this:

Funky Buddha's Belgian Amber Ale
And the photo I took of it got inadvertently photobombed by some guy's rear in khakis.

Extra Ordinary Bitter - If you ever saw the Benicio Del Toro remake of The Wolfman, you may remember the scene where Hugo Weaving's character pointedly, and repeatedly, orders 'a pintah bittah.' I can't not order a Bitter without thinking of that. As for this, it is bitter, yes. Not the biting, hoppy bitter that a West-Coast IPA would have, but a bright sharpness that goes well at the end of a drinking session (with its low 4% ABV, it works great as a session beer, too).

Funky Buddha Extra Ordinary Bitter

Espresso Nitro Porter - I sure love me some nitro porters, too. Nitro is one of those things that I love most about tap rooms, since you just can't pull it off correctly in cans or bottles. See, most beers are finished off by adding CO2, giving it carbonation. Nitro beers are given nitrogen, which has smaller bubbles, resulting in a much smoother, creamier beer (special thanks to Due South Brewing for that little tidbit of knowledge).

Funky Buddha's Espresso Nitro Porter

When I see nitro on a tap list, I usually make a beeline for that one. And it's usually a porter, too. Funky Buddha's Espresso Nitro Porter is just that - smooth and creamy. The espresso flavor isn't overly strong, and the porter is light (as far as porters go), so the resulting drink is a smooth, very drinkable, almost breakfast porter sort of beer. And I could easily consume a few of these for breakfast.

I can't wait to see what Funky Buddha has up next.

Drink Florida Craft.

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