bousa cofounders.juan pablo and enrique

Bousa Brewing Company, the newest craft brewery in South Florida and Little River District’s first independent brewery, celebrated the official grand opening of their taproom on Friday, November 10th.

“After a few intense years of preparation, we are extremely excited to say that we are officially open! We are proud to be located in Miami’s historic Little River District right at the heart of one of Miami’s most vibrant and creative neighborhoods surrounded by a rich cultural scene and some of Miami’s most innovative businesses. Our taproom is a modern space with plenty of room designed to be a gathering place for families and friends,” said Bousa Brewing Company co-founder Juan Pablo Vergara.

Guests will have the opportunity to sample Bousa’s 13 American and European-style brews which range from friendly introductory craft beers to rich and strong ales and lagers for the hardcore beer enthusiasts. Styles include: Honey Blonde Ale, Tripel, Guava Ale, Raspberry Wheat, Marzen, Stout, Ámber, Saison, Session IPA, their flagship American Wheat, and the Quad in collaboration with Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Co. Food will also be served with local food trucks parked outside the brewery to offer guests a variety of options.

The brewery is located at 7235 NE 4th Ave, Miami, FL 33138 in the Little River business complex next to the train tracks.

Head brewer Kayla Brogna, who hails from the renowned Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. in California and is now joining the ranks of South Florida’s female head brewers, can be found manning the newly completed 4-vessel 20 bbl and 2-vessel 3.5 bbl brewing system.

Bousa’s mission is to honor and celebrate life’s simple moments. The brand slogan, “Simply Good Beer”, embodies a straightforward, less-is-more spirit that is free of superlatives and grandiose claims to focus on serving quality beer that stands on its own. The taproom, which features a minimalist décor, offers a serene, uncluttered environment that allows guests to experience simplicity from the time they buy the beer to the moment they consume it.

“Our goal is to be both accessible to people who are just getting started with craft beer and interesting for people who are very familiar and immersed in the craft beer culture. We continually strive to find the highest quality ingredients sourced from both small and large suppliers of hops and malts with a special commitment to work with local South Florida partners. The honey that is used to make our best-selling Honey Blonde Ale, for example, is sourced right from Homestead, Florida. We are also currently looking for local suppliers of fruits and spices to include new flavor varieties in our rotational portfolio served exclusively in our taproom” said Bousa Brewing Company co-founder Enrique García.

The 12,000 SF brewery and taproom aims to become a meeting place where the local community can come together to enjoy a fresh pint and unwind but also network, play, and at times even break out of their comfort zones, all for the sake of having a good time. Ongoing scheduled activities include:

  • Tuesday: The People’s Pong Night – Beat co-founder Juan Pablo in a ping pong game and he’ll buy you a beer, but if Juan Pablo beats you then you have to buy a beer for a random person in the taproom
  • Wednesday: Women’s Night – The brewery is open to hosting educational and networking meet-ups, sessions and events aimed at empowering local women
  • Friday: Dice Night – Roll a 6-sided die and what you get is what you pay
  • Sunday: Soulful Sunday – Enjoy yoga, brunch and live jazz