Mark Stillman, President and owner of Bottlenose Brewing is also the owner of Green Room Brewing in Jacksonville Beach. While they share the same owner, they will in no way be a Green Room 2.0. Green Room is a small beach brewery and a perfect fit for a stand alone tap room with one location. Bottlenose will have a much more encompassing vision. After nearly six years of experience running Green Room, Mark believes Bottlenose can be a much more immersive project. Bottlenose Brewing will bring a fresh, unique identity to the craft brewing and bar scene especially on the Southside of Jacksonville.

What’s in a name?

Bottlenose obviously works on several different levels. The Bottlenose reference refers to the famous dolphins that live just off the coast of their great city and state. It’s also a reference to the beer bottle and industry. The BB from the logo will be an iconic reference and the border that surrounds the logo is a nod to a nautical themed compass and also a beer bottle cap.

With 50 taps, they’ll start out serving a wide selection of beer with a focus on Florida craft breweries. Brewing equipment is in the works and has been ordered but it will be several months before the brewing process begins. Once they start brewing, they will add on several permanent taps that will be brewed on site and they’ll have a focus on creating seasonal brews as well as some fun barrel aged and sour style beers.

Initially the focus will be on the microbrewery and tap room, but they will have an open mind on distribution in the future.

The kitchen will feature a small bar style menu with a focus on high quality food and ingredients. Gourmet burgers with hand made patties, crispy flat bread pizzas, juicy brats, blue cheese chips, nachos, and hummus are just a few of the items that will be featured.

The Southside of Jacksonville and the Tinseltown area in particular is an unsaturated area in terms of breweries that feature both a tap room and kitchen. In the heart of Tinseltown with many established business and attractions in the area and being right in the center of Jacksonville, this location made too much sense not to pursue. The ability to brew on site and the high quality bar fare will be major draws for them. Add the indoor and outdoor seating, a pet friendly patio, a plethora of TVs for the sports fans and they feel that they have a dynamic and unique combination.

The planned opening is March 2017.