Hood's Up Brewery will be a small batch brewery located in Sanford, FL. Specializing in sours, saisons, barrel aged beers & wild ales.

I've heard some good things about some of the beers that Tim from Hood's Up Brewery had made and when I heard that they had a Kickstarter campaign so that they could go pro, I realized that I needed to help get the word out if I ever wanted a chance to get to try them.

I figured that they can tell their story a lot better than I can so I reached out to Tim, who I converse with on Tiwtter, and asked for permission to steal their content from the Kickstarter page for a post.  I wanted to leave you with a reason to click thru & check out their campaign so I didn't snag the video. Make sure you check it out.

Here it is....

About the project

Hi, my name is Tim Goodman, head brewer/visionary for Hood’s Up Brewery. I love beer and have been creating unique craft beer since 2011. I am ready to take my dream, my true passion, and make this a reality with your help. My dream is to open a small batch nano-brewery that creates unique craft beer. We are currently looking for the right location in Sanford, FL.

Let me introduce you to our team:

Gary: Macgyver (Operational Engineer) and Brewer
Ben: Mad-Yeast Scientist Dude (Microbial Engineer) and Brewer 

Danielle: Marketing Guru/Assistant Brewer 

hoodsup-learnmoreWe all come from different backgrounds and have a passion for great craft beer. Together we have been brewing some pretty amazing beers that we are proud to call our own. Hood’s Up Brewery is inspired by the 1950’s style and attitude, because we too are rebels! We don’t brew true to style, we brew true to ourselves. It embraces who we are, our attitude, and symbolizes that whatever we produce won’t be like anything you have ever had before. For instance, “Chocolate Monkey Balls” is a Bavarian Baltic Porter with Bananas and Chocolate, “Hush Money” our 16% Belgian Quad with Mascavado Brown Sugar, Caramelized Dates and Belgian Candy Sugar aged in Maple Whiskey Barrel. Those are just a couple of our unique offerings that we bring to the table.

We have been pouring at events around central FL for the last year, and have received exceptional feedback from you. We are excited about starting this new venture with you, the public, our very own angel investors. We can’t do this without your support, whether it’s $1 or $1000. We will be thankful for anything that you can contribute. It gets us one-step closer to our dream.

Your contributions will go towards the following:
1-1/2 BBL brew house, fermenters, walk-in coolers, tasting room, licensing and part of the building build out. Take some time and check out our packages, video, and our website.

When we see you smile after you have tasted our beer, we know that our passion and originality has shined through. Help us bring you the best craft beer we can brew! Please feel free to send us your questions, comments, and concerns.

Cheers, Tim & Danielle  Goodman

Check out their page for more info and toss them a buck or two if you can. Every bit helps!