I recently got my hands on a couple of cans of Concrete Beach Brewery's Pisco Sour Berliner and being a fan or sour beers, I couldn't wait to open one up.

The can has a description of this beer that is truely spot-on. "Inspired by the classic Peruvian cocktail, Pisco Sour Berliner is a kettle-soured ale that’s aged on Muscat grapes and key lime juice. Like a true Pisco, this beer has a crisp, white wine grape aroma, followed by a refreshing splash of tart citrus."

The beer pours as a hazy golden colored beer with a nice, foamy head. The Muscat grapes provide a crisp and clean wine aroma that is not overwelming. As the name implies, this is a sour ale but it's not overly sour at all. The key lime juice blends perfectly with the grapes for just the right amount of a tart citrusy flavor for a South Florida afternoon or evening on the patio. And at 5% ABV, having a second is not out of the question.

Tarty, tasy and refreshing. I liked this one alot!

pisco 2